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SPACE & BEAN, for a safe tomorrow for mankind

seamless protection through self-developed composite materials

Core Value

SnB redefines innovation with its distinctive approach to technology.

A visionary enterprise safeguarding the world's splendor through a myriad of materials.

A global powerhouse delivering unparalleled technological solutions. Wherever there's a need for protection, we tailor our solutions with an array of materials to fit perfectly.

Guarding humanity against the unseen perils. From electromagnetic fields to the vastness of cosmic radiation, we offer an all-encompassing technology platform to shield against every invisible threat.

Technology is the beacon of the future. Space and Bean strides towards global leadership in protective solutions, propelled by relentless research and development, audacious investments in technology, and a steadfast commitment to nurturing talent.


Space & Bean's Future

Space & Bean bridges the gap between terrestrial electronic devices and the cosmos.

The myriad radiation environments in space pose a significant challenge for the direct use of electronic equipment. However, thanks to Space & Bean's advanced radiation shielding technology, this has now become feasible.


Utilizing material technology to block electromagnetic waves and radiation to protect systems in socially crucial domains


Low Earth Orbit (LEO) nanosatellite services
1. Space environmental analysis service for COTS component integration
2. COTS electronic component space radiation shielding housing product
3. Manufacturing CubeSat Bus Integrated with COTS Components
4. COTS Component Space Environmental Qualification Service



Electromagnetic wave blocking product
Portable electromagnetic wave blocking booth



X-ray protection solution

1. Thyroid Radiation Protection Equipment

2. Scattered Radiation functional protective Apron 



High-power electromagnetic wave blocking solution
EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) shielding rack
Shield Effect measurement service



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