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Radiation Shielding Solutions for Clinics

Scutum X protects Dentists, dental staff and patients requiring additional protection for several reasons:

Scutum X is a revolutionary new radiation protection product that is made from Radiation-blocking material.
This makes it the most effective radiation protection product on the market, providing superior protection against harmful radiation

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Why Scutum X?

Elevate Your Clinic Standard with Scutum X
SCUTUM-X is designed for not only dental professionals but also everybody in the hospital


Lead free  Radiation Block Material

ScutumX is an innovative radiation protection product crafted from lead-free radiation-blocking material. It effectively shields against radiation using SNB composite shielding material, which is composed of elements similar to lead.

  •  Thyroid Protection Performance  :  0.25mmPb

  • chest shielding rate : 70.4% 0.25mmPb

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Comfortable Wear

ScutumX isn't just the most effective radiation protection product on the market; it's also comfortable to wear. This is crucial because it means you can wear it for extended periods without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.


Well-Fitting Size

ScutumX is designed to fit essential sizes for medical personnel and patients alike. It's a practical protective garment crafted to shield areas exposed during the use of digital devices.

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Easy Storage

ScutumX is designed for easy storage and space efficiency. It can be conveniently stored alongside portable X-ray equipment on a mobile cart, allowing for easy transport and portability wherever needed.

Color Options

Scutum X is not just the most effective, comfortable, and well-fitting radiation protection product on the market, it is also available in a variety of colors to match your personal style. This means that you can protect yourself from harmful radiation while still looking good.

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제조업허가번호 : 제 8448호
품목허가번호  : 제신 24-180호
​품목명 : 갑상선 방사선 방어용기구

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